About Me

In 2014, I quit my corporate career, got married and became a wife who truly believed, with her super stereotypical, British palate, that she could cook…oh how I was wrong! While I always did enjoy time spent in the kitchen, my knowledge was very limited.

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After some eye-opening travel, and marrying a Hong Kong born, Italian carnivore (seriously, there is nothing he won’t eat), that all changed. The world is full of incredible food culture and flavours and I limited myself for so long, saying ‘Oh I don’t like that’ without even licking the spoon.

Fast forward to 2020, and no longer am I that girl that considers a microwaved jacket potato an art-form* (Mr. dB will never let me live that one down!) I am elated to share my passionate love for food in all its shapes and forms, through my blog and partnership with the incredible team at Lime Content Studios.

 *…that’s a lie – pass me the potato already!