Sprouts For Sprout Haters

Goodbye mushy grossness and hello hoisin! These sprouts are enough to convert any hater. No boiling, no overcooking, just freshness and flavour. A perfect side-dish and the final element of our Holy Trinity of Christmas veg.

Laab Stuffing Balls

This simple side dish comes with a delicious marriage of two classics: stuffing and laab, a beautiful dish from Laos, mixing succulent mince with zingy fresh Thai basil. Another winning feature? The recipe is gluten-free with one simple switch!

Roast Goose

A perfect Christmas centrepiece: Szechuan pepper spiced, crispy goose. Served with a sumptuous gravy thanks to a semi-spatchcock cook. Incredibly tasty and incredibly achievable. Plus goose fat…! Versatile and easy to tweak for a chicken or duck.